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We provide a fundamental go to service for all electrical maintenance and repair in the Auckland area and deal with any requirements no matter how big or small they many seem. Our team is of expert calibre, fully trained and qualified according to the highest standards that exceed New Zealand government regulations. Just give us a call today on 09 950 7183

electrical repairs Auckland

Electrical Maintenance Auckland

Auckland Electrical Maintenance is a necessity for home owners and commercial business owners to ensure that your property is both up to current regulation and that above all else, its safe. We have seen our fair share of poor workmanship but the bottom line is, faulty, poorly maintained wiring, fuse boards and electrical appliances are a threat to the safety of the occupants of the building through fire or severe electric shock. We can arrange regular electrical maintenance contracts for your business in Auckland or can arrange a regular visit to private residences to ensure that your electrical items and wiring are up to standard, allowing you to rest at ease knowing your home is safe.

Electrical Repairs Auckland

emergency electricians in AucklandIf you notice a faulty electrical item in your home, you should either have it repaired right away or throw it away. Continued use of items with frayed wires, cracks or damage can be dangerous and you run the risk of electric shock if you continue to use them.

For less obvious electrical faults, you will need the services of our qualified electrical specialists. Repairing electrical systems, household items, distribution boxes and power meters has been a long standing speciality of ours. We know where to look for the problems so we can solve the issue in no time. Our expert team of professional technicians can run sophisticated tests to get to the root cause of your issue fast and carry a wide range of spare components and parts to ensure a timely fix, on site while you wait. We repair all household items including ovens, TV´s, dishwashers, cookers, lights, lamps, sockets and switches to name a few. If it uses electricity and it doesn’t work, call our Auckland electrical repairs department on 09 950 7183 for a swift and cost effective solution.

Electrical Safety Testing

As part of any professional operation, we are fully trained in the art of electrical safety testing Auckland wide. When performing any repairs or maintenance, a through safety test is always carried out following completion and documented evidence is supplied for your records. When buying on selling homes in Auckland, you should always carry out a full electrical safety test to ensure you are not buying a death trap! Most banks will require one of these before any Mortgage is approved so contact our Electrical Safety Inspection Auckland today on 09 950 7183 for more information.

electrical safety testing inspection Auckland


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