A Peek into The World of an Electrician

Think, for a moment, what the world would look like without electricity. You won’t be able to catch your favourite game on TV, use your refrigerator, use your computer, or even see properly in darkness. Industries simply won’t function. It surely would be one dull unproductive place. For many people, an electrician isn’t one of the most desirable occupations. But for experienced electricians like us who passionately do it, we’re always glad to be of service and our pleasure comes from seeing happy clients.

Our work generally involves installation and maintenance of all kinds of electrical systems in homes, businesses, and companies. At first, this task may seem simple, but if you take a closer look, you’ll find that it’s actually complicated. We are tasked with testing and inspections, installing lighting, fuse box upgrades, and wiring and rewiring on a daily basis. Electricity is dangerous to everybody, including electricians like us and that’s why we have to invest in quality testing tools for a thorough inspection before commencing any task.

Electricians Tools

Without the right tools, we can barely do any fix. That’s why every electrician treasures his or her toolbox. At electricians-auckland.com, we even go a notch higher to invest in the best tools in the market. We have testing units from renowned manufacturers, solder equipment, AC/DC volt meter, meters, gauges, fish tapes, and a tool kit containing hammers, screwdrivers, scissors, pliers, and cutters.

exploring the role of an electrician Our responsibilities

Before we even touch wires or attempt any repairs on your electrical system, we have to determine the actual problem. Even if you already know the cause and have informed us, we must check the entire electrical system for any other looming problem. Once we’ve completed this stage, we provide preliminary sketches for applying the fixes and cost estimates for the entire process.

We handle electrical wiring and components with care. For example, when pulling wires through conduits, floors, and holes in the walls, we always apply the right amount of pressure to avoid unnecessary breakage or creating lines of weakness. We also connect wires to fixtures securely, leaving no chance for electrical faults in the circuits. The job normally involves a lot of patience and concentration as one slight mistake might prove costly. Sometimes, our clients want us to connect industrial machines to mains supply and appliances at home to the right power source –feats that we achieve with ease. Connecting electrical power to sound, signaling, and heating and cooling devices are some of the tasks that we regularly undertake.

Electrical Safety Tips

Having worked with electrical systems for a very long time and still doing it on a daily basis, experienced electricians are in the best position to advise you on how to co-exist with electricity. One of the most common pieces of advice we give people is to avoid overloading sockets. Overloaded sockets might sometimes cause a power surge which will end up destroying all the connected electronics and appliances. It also poses a danger to anybody who is near it.

You should also desist from running power cables under carpets, on doorways, or any place where they are at risk of coming in contact with water or people stepping on them. For high wattage outlets, it’s always commendable to plug in a single high-wattage appliance per outlet. Finally, don’t ever use cords with exposed wiring.

Remember your safety is paramount when dealing with electricity. Also, you don’t want to lose your valuable house because of an electrical fault you could have avoided. It is important to note that electrical faults are responsible for the highest number of home fires, estimated to have incurred over $1.5 billion in property damages, injuries, and loss of lives across the globe.

Now you’ve got a little knowledge about our world. If you’ve got any electrical issue, why don’t you forward it to us and we’ll have a chat about it before reaching your home and providing a quick fix. We respond quickly for emergencies and our rates are very affordable. Besides, we are available 24 hours a day. Call us on 09 950 7183, or visit electricians-auckland.com for more information and a free quote!

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